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| About Hi-Glory Company Information |
Hi-Glory has always been a supplier
of quality industrial products. In
an effort to meet the changing
technical needs of our customers,
We have introduced our new line of
electronic components. As with all
of our products, these new compone
nts are designed and manufactured
by Hi-Glory to insure the excellent
quality at a competitive price with
prompt delivery.
Hi-Glory rubber and electronics components are used in such industries as home
appliances, automotive, OA machinery, computer production, telecommunication
equipment, and safety equipment. Besides providing a quality product, Hi-Glory
also provides techical assistance in association with the installation and use of
our products.

Hi-Glory is always improving its operational capabilities.
We are also continuously developing new products and up-grading our business operations to meet the needs of our customers for the 21st century. We look forward to serving your needs.
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