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P+R keypad:
Silicone rubber keypad with plastic key top assembly unit. Various application in communication ,electronics product.

PC film keypad:
Screen printed PC film co-mold with PC plastic injection. Various applications in mobile phone, PDA.

Laser etched keypad:
Silicone rubber keypad after spray, Painted and used laser etched process to form a backlight effect. Various application in communication, electronics product.

Epoxy-potted keypad:
Coated with a layer of epoxy to form a hard on soft top and feeling like plastic and provides screen text protection. Various application in communication ,electronics product.

Spray-coated keypad:
Spray coated with silicon , or PU resin to provide absolute life time abrasion resistance and oil resistance satisfaction. Various application in communication ,electronics product.

General keypad:
Custom silicone rubber keypad. Environment friendly material. Various applications in communication, automotive, electronics products like Remote control, mobile phone, computer, telephone etc.

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